Clear Lens Extractions

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Also known as PreLex (presbyopic lens exchange), Clear lens extraction is essentially cataract surgery (it is worth reading the cataract information above). It is the method of choice in patients who are in their 50’s and older who want to have glasses-free vision for both distance and reading but need glasses for both. If you have good unaided distance vision but need glasses for reading then clear lens extraction is not recommended for you. Removing the natural lens and implanting a multifocal lens aims to give good unaided distance vision as well as glasses free reading for most print, but people will still occasionally need glasses for very small print. This will not deteriorate with age and the lenses will never need replacing. About a third of patients will at some point develop posterior capsular thickening, which is a membrane that naturally forms behind the lens implant, but is easily treated with a ‘YAG’ laser and is utterly painless. Many multifocal lenses can give rise to glare, haloes or ‘ghosting’. Mr Ionides uses either the Zeiss trifocal multifocal lens or the Mplus ‘Comfort’ lens. For further information visit our FAQ page.

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