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A cataract is a cloudy lens that causes the vision to become misty and foggy. In the early stages cataract can sometimes cause short sightedness. The cloudiness gets worse until the vision is too foggy to see, but most people have the cataracts operated on well before this. Cataracts are common and up to 60% of all 60 year olds having some early signs of cataract and READ MORE

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Laser refractive surgery

Laser surgery uses an Excimer laser to reshape the cornea and so treat short sightedness (myopia), astigmatism and some cases of long sightedness (hypermetropia, hyperopia). It cannot treat presbyopia, which is the need for reading glasses when people reach their mid to late 40s. For some presybopic patients monovision is an option. This will be   READ MORE

Lens extraction scaled

Clear lens extraction

Also known as PreLex (presbyopic lens exchange), Clear lens extraction is essentially cataract surgery (it is worth reading the cataract information above). It is the method of choice in patients who are in their 50’s and older who want to have glasses-free vision for both distance and reading but need glasses for both. If you have good unaided distance vision  READ MORE

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